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Neuro–Oncology and Skull Base

07:00 Welcome - G Narenthiran [UK, US]

07:15 Spinal Oncology – Jean–Paul Wolinsky [US]

07:45 Management of meningiomas invading sinuses - Benedicto Oscar Colli [Brazil]

08:15 The increasing role of radiosurgery in the management of neurosurgical disease - Lawrence Chin [US]

08:45 Classification of brain tumors, I - Douglas Miller [US]

09:15 Classification of brain tumors, II - Douglas Miller [US]

09:45 Break

10:00 Endoscopy for skull base surgery - Nevo Margalit [Israel]

10:30 Advances in the treatment of malignant brain tumors - Andreas Unterberg [Germany]

11:00 Intra-axial tumors of the posterior fossa and pineal gland - Pierre Robe [The Netherlands]

11:30 Awake surgery for gliomas - Brad Zacharia [US]

12:00 Skull base surgical approaches - William Couldwell [US]

12:30 Lunch

Pediatrics, Craniofacial, Endoscopy

13:30 Non-accidental head trauma in infants - Mark Dias [US]

14:00 Management of hydrocephalus - Eylem Ocal [US]

14:30 Craniosynostosis - Hannes Haberl [Germany]

15:00 Endoscopy in pediatric neurosurgery - Mark Iantosca [US]

15:30 Craniospinal dysraphic malformations - Nick Wetjen [US]

16:00 Break

16:15 Pediatric Spinal Cord Tumours - Dr George Jallo [US]

16:45 Chiari malformations and syringomyelia in children - Krystal Tomei [US]

17:15 Surgical aspects of paediatric brain tumors - Guirish Solanki [UK]

17:45 Surgical epilepsy in children - Rick Boop [US]

18:15 Shunt hardware - Dieter Class [Germany]

The 4th International Neurosurgery Resident Course (INRC) is of the Neurosurgery Research Listserv, hosted by Department of Neurosurgery, Penn State University, Hershey, Pennsylvania and, endorsed by the Foundation of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)